Big John

My interest in knife making began while stationed in Alaska in 1982, which was the result of experiencing a successful hunt with a useless knife. From that time on, I learned how to make knives-the right way. My philosophy is to make the best product I can within my capabilities. I am always challenging myself with innovative designs and function. At this time, I remain a part-time maker, but I have a unrelenting passion for what I can do.
I’ve been a voting member of the Knife Makers Guild since 2005. If in the area, be sure to find my table at the local gun and knife shows in Hampton, VA and in Richmond, VA,  and will attend the Guild show in Kansas in 2018.
Thanks and enjoy the site,
Big John


What I Do


Starting with the design concept, my knives are designed with a specific function in mind.


All of my knives are made-to-order and customizable to suit your needs.


Each knife also comes with a protective case.